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Camden Crawl - Sonic Film with Saint Etienne

Camden Crawl – Sonic Film with Saint Etienne

April 10, 2011

Prior to our gig at Koko on the 30th April, Bob has curated this special event in conjuction with the Camden Crawl and the East London Film Festival, its round the corner at The Forge on Delancey Street and runs from 1.45 to 6pm here’s what’s happening:

1.00pm Introduction by Bob Stanley

2.00pm  Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin About Him)?
Fearture film – 116mins
3.55pm The History of Apple Pie (LIVE)

4.25 pm Don’t Knock the Rock
Introduced by Bob Stanley – 30 mins

5.00pm Team Ghost (LIVE)

5.30pm I.T. (Happy Mondays)
Introduced by Bob Stanley, short film 23 mins

for more info and tickets :
Sonic Film with Saint Etienne

Record Store Day and Scandinavian Live Dates

Record Store Day and Scandinavian Live Dates

March 1, 2011

You may be vaguely aware that both Bob and Pete are vinyl junkies and are rarely to be seen without a small 7″ shaped box when they are on dj’ing duties. It made incredibly good sense that, for 2011 Record Store Day, we should release some of the St Et singles that didn’t come out on 7″ the first time round. So…

  • We’re releasing a limited edition (1500 copies only) box set of 7″ singles, for record store day, on Saturday April 16th.
  • The box set will be the first of two (the second one to come out next year) that will include six 7″ singles – each one a Saint Etienne single not previously released on our fave format. Some (Lose That Girl and Shower Scene) are singles we wanted to release that for one reason or another never came out in the UK.
  • Each single caries the original artwork as it would have appeared at the time of issue.
  • Many of the B-side tracks are appearing on vinyl for the first time.
  • Box One contains:
    • Avenue c/w Stranger In Paradise
    • He’s On The Phone c/w How I Learned To Love The Bomb
    • Lose That Girl c/w Swim Swan Swim
    • How We Used To Live Pt 1 c/w How We Used To Live Pt 2
    • Boy Is Crying c/w Northwestern
    • Shower Scene c/w Aqualad

The box, we’d like to think, is quite beautiful, designed – as is the insert – by Paul Kelly. And the pressing quality is top notch – mastering by the redoubtable Guy Davie.

Saint Etienne

In other news…

Having had fun in Singapore we’ve decided to book up a few more live dates; this time were heading off to Scandinavia for a short trip that takes in:

Stockholm – Strand – Friday 20th May –
Malmo – Babel – Saturday 21st May –
Helsinki – Korjaamo – Sunday 22nd –

And don’t forget we’re playing in London at KoKo on Saturday 30th April too!

Now we’ve filled your diary and emptied your wallet, back we go into the studio. We’ll be playing a handful of new songs at KoKo and in Scandinavia so you can keep tabs on our progress.

See you soon,

Sarah Bob and Pete xxx

Ian Catt's Legendary Solo Album

Ian Catt’s Legendary Solo Album

February 27, 2011

Originally released on the now defunct Vinyl Japan in the mid 90′s, Ian’s hard to find solo project under the moniker “Katmandu” is now available as a download only release via Corporate records. Ian is in the process of unearthing Saint Etienne and Trembling Blue Stars mixes of the track “Welcome to California” which he’ll make available when he finds them! To hear snippets, get free tracks and download the rest go to:

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