Kelly’s Locker – Rare CDs Found!

Kelly's Locker - rare CDs found
February 19, 2013

Our manager Martin was recently trudging through the Saint Etienne lock up – oh the glamour – and chanced upon a couple of boxes of old and rare Saint Etienne stock. Instead of putting it up on ebay he thought it would be an idea to offer it up for fans who might be interested.

Amongst the treasures he unearthed 140 copies of the long deleted Nice Price fan club only release from 2006 and 125 copies of the single disc version of Fox Base Beta.

These will be made available through the band’s online shop here priced just £12 each plus shipping from 5pm (GMT – UK time) this Thursday 21st Feb.

For those unfamiliar with Nice Price – here’s a track listing for the gems included:
1. Nothing Can Stop Us (alternative vocal)
2. 7 Ways 2 Love (Sarah vocal, original white label)
3. Who Do You Think You Are (original mix, Debsey vocal)
4. Hobart Paving (alternative single mix)
5. Like A Motorway (demo)
6. Former Lover (single mix)
7. Western Wind (demo)
8. Angel (original mix)
9. Burnt Out Car (original mix)
10. Sylvie (alternative single mix)
11. Madeleine (alternative mix)
12. Lose That Girl (demo)
13. Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) (demo)
14. How We Used To Live (Berlin rough mix)
15. Milk Bottle Symphony (alternative mix)
16. Goodnight (demo)

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