Continental (DE)

Continental - Deluxe Edition
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Title: Continental (DE) Release Date: 2009

The album has now been remastered with a 15-track second disc featuring the rare singles Saturday and Lover Plays The Bass), b-sides (Is It True, Groveley Road) and six previously unreleased tracks (including the X Files movie version of Burnt Out Car, the melancholy Where Did Our Love Go, and super-melodic We Could Have It All). The album is luxuriously packaged in the Universal Deluxe Edition style and comes with a booklet packed with brand new sleevenotes by Mojo and Artsdesk contributor Kieron Tyler, images and memorabilia.


CD1 – Original Album
1. Shad Times
2. Burnt Out Car
3. Sometimes In Winter
4. Winter Melody
5. Public Info Film
6. The Process
7. He’s On The Phone
8. Stormtrooper In Drag
9. Star
10. Down By The Sea
11. The Sea
12. Lonesome
13. Angel

CD2 – Bonus Material
1. Accident
2. Is It True?
3. Where Did Our Love Go – Demo *
4. Groveley Road
5. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
6. Postal Interlude *
7. Cant Stop Now
8. Under Her Spell *
9. Saturday Remixed
10. Suburban Autumn Lieutenant
11. We Could Have It All – Demo *
12. Lover Plays The Bass
13. Home – Demo
14. Burnt Out Car – Demo

* previously unreleased