Good Humor (DE)

Good Humor - Deluxe Edition
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Title: Good Humor (DE) Release Date: 2010

The album has now been remastered with a 16-track second disc featuring b-sides (Afraid To Go Home, Zipcode, Hit The Brakes), rarities (Clark Co. Record Fair), the complete US-only Fairfax High album, and three previously unreleased tracks (including the sixties-soul flavoured Do You Love Me). The album is luxuriously packaged in the Universal Deluxe Edition style and comes with a booklet packed with brand new sleevenotes by Chick Factor’s Gail O’Hara, images and memorabilia.


CD1 – Orignial Album
1. Wood Cabin
2. Sylvie
3. Split Screen
4. Mr Donut
5. Goodnight Jack
6. Lose That Girl
7. The Bad Photographer
8. Been So Long
9. Postman
10. Erica America
11. Dutch TV

CD2 – Bonus Material
1. Hill Street Connection
2. Hit the Brakes
3. Madeleine
4. Swim Swan Swim
5. 4.35 In The Morning
6. Clark Co. Record Fair
7. Zipcode
8. My Name Is Vlaovic
9. Afraid To Go Home
10. La La La
11. Do You Love Me *
12. Cat Nap
13. Jack Lemmon
14. Constantly
15. The Emidisc Theme
16. 4.35 In The Morning (original version)

* previously unreleased