Tiger Bay (DE)

Tiger Bay - Deluxe Edition
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Title: Tiger Bay (DE) Release Date:

The album has now been remastered with a 15-track second disc featuring related A and B-sides (I Was Born On Christmas Day, Sushi Rider, Hate Your Drug), and seven previously unreleased tracks (including the Glam-style Black Horse Latitude and super-melodic Wedding Of Stacy Dorning). The album is luxuriously packaged in the Universal Deluxe Edition style and comes with a booklet packed with brand new sleevenotes by Heavenly Social founder Robin Turner, images and memorabilia.


CD1 – Orignial Album
1. Urban Clearway
2. Former Lover
3. Hug My Soul
4. Like A Motorway
5. On The Shore
6. Marble Lions
7. Pale Movie
8. Cool Kids Of Death
9. Western Wind / Tankerville
10. The Boy Scouts Of America

CD2 – Bonus Material
1. Urban Clearway (demo) *
2. Black Horse Latitude *
3. I Buy American Records
4. Hate Your Drug
5. You Know I’ll Miss You When I’m Gone
6. Sushi Rider
7. Hug My Soul (demo) *
8. The Wedding Of Stacy Dorning *
9. Deborah’s French Feast *
10. Western Wind (demo) *
11. Pale Movie (demo) *
12. La Poupee Qui Fait Non (no no no)
13. Highgate Road Incident
14. My Christmas Prayer
15. I Was Born On Christmas Day

* previously un-released. The non-demo tracks are brand new recordings.