London Conversations

London Conversations
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Title: London Conversations Release Date: 2009

From their Balearic breakthrough ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ to the effervescent swinger ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’… the sharp electro beats of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘He’s On The Phone’ to the nu-disco, scratch-your-eyes-out ‘Sylvie’, Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley, and Pete Wiggs‘ run of hits, collected together here for the first time, makes for a supernaturally strong collection. Pulling together 36 songs from an 18 year-old odyssey, across several different record labels, ‘London Conversations’ travels from blissful baggy ecstasy through breakbeat rap (‘Filthy’), proto-Britpop and early folk-tronica, to 21st century pop and beyond. It’s the secret history of the city that they love….


Disc One
1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
2. Nothing Can Stop Us
3. Join Our Club
4. Avenue
5. You’re In A Bad Way
6. Hobart Paving
7. Who Do You Think You Are
8. Pale Movie
9. Like A Motorway
10. Hug My Soul
11. He’s On The Phone
12. Sylvie
13. Heartfailed (in the back of a taxi)
14. Action
15. A Good Thing
16. Side Streets
17. Burnt Out Car – new track
18. Method Of Modern Love – new track
19. This Is Tomorrow – new track

Disc Two
1. Kiss And Make Up
2. Filthy
3. Spring
4. People Get Real
5. Mario’s Cafe
6. Goodnight Jack
7. Bad Photographer
8. Lose That Girl
9. Lover Plays The Bass
10. How We Used To Live
11. Boy Is Crying
12. Finisterre
13. Soft Like Me
14. Shower Scene
15. Stars Above us
16. Teenage Winter
17. I Was Born On Christmas Day